Website Redesign Services

Is your website not getting the attention you hope for? Before you completely scrap your site and start over, consider having your website redesigned. Your site could have the most current, engaging content on the topics you cover, but an outdated site can prevent an increase in traffic, inhibit search engine optimization, and cause your site to run slow. If you have any of the following issues, you may be in need of a redesign.


- Slow site and/or site is down or unavailable often

We can diagnose the cause of your issue, whether it is a hosting problem, too much code, or    unoptimized photos. A redesign will bring your site up-to-date and make it run smoother.


- Stagnant traffic or slow sales despite traffic

Web users are particular about what they want to see in a website. A site that isn’t current can keep visitors away. If you have an acceptable level of traffic but still suffer from slow sales, a redesign can entice customers to buy. After all, increased sales are the goal.


- Poor SEO Results

Search engines are always adapting and in order to stay at the top of the search engine results, your business’s website must adapt too. Keeping your content fresh and relevant helps ensure that you won’t see a drop in your website rankings.


- Poorly designed or outdated site

Technology evolves at a hasty pace. If your site doesn’t keep up with the change, it will get left behind. Experts insist that professional website be updated at least every two years to keep pace with changes in technology.     


To help keep customers’ sites fresh, North Country Design offers discounts on website redesigns. Our savings start with a 20% discount on a new website design. We take this opportunity to refresh your site, upgrade the content management system to Joomla, improve SEO, and fix any potential issues. Everything is then tested for quality assurance prior to customer delivery. Call us today and we will keep you ahead of your competitors with a custom website redesign for your business.

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