Small Business Website Design

North Country Design specializes in new and existing small business website design using the Joomla CMS. Here is our current pricing for web site design pricingAll reports indicate that the internet will be a medium that billions of dollars will get transferred across this year. People follow money like summer follows the spring so it’s no surprise that anyone who can pop up a basic website is calling himself a web designer and pitching “quality” service. There is a learning curve in web design and like any other profession, master comes with experience. The internet is littered with poor sites—generic templates, outdated designs, and non-functioning aspects. Web users are keeping up with advanced in technology—so should your site. North Country Design owner and operator Shawn Tooley is always researching and implementing new technologies to stay up-to-date in the ever-changing web design arena. Read further to learn why North Country Design should be your first call for website design.


For starters, our communication standards are higher than any other web design company. We know the frustration felt by customers who can’t get an answer when calling for customer service so we have taken steps to avoid this situation. Our operating hours are tailored to U.S. businesses. We’re available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern during the weekdays to assist customers. During these hours we can be contacted via phone, e-mail, or Skype. We serve clients on both the east and west coast and not a single one of them will tell you that they have had a hard time contacting us. Not only is our customer service great, our products are top of the line too. We only work with U.S.-based, experienced designers and coders who know what small business owners need in a website design company.  


15 years of small business design experience assures quality in every single project that is completed by our company. Instead of ignoring new markets and sticking to what we’re used to, we embrace any new technology, such as the tablet and smartphone market, in order to give our customers the upper hand on their competitors.


If you’re still worried about the quality of our services, we would like for you to know about our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each project starts with a Business Requirements Document that outlines the entire job that is to be completed for a client. This document is reviewed and signed by the client and all work covered by the BRD carries the 100% satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop working until the website is built in accordance with what the customer expects. Did we mention that it’s covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee? We work until you're happy, period.


We don’t stop there though. Maintaining a website can be a costly endeavor and we believe that small business owners should be capable of making most changes to their site in order to save money on their advertising budgets. Of course, we don’t mind you hiring our maintenance services, but wouldn’t you rather do the basic updates yourself at no cost? North Country Design offers two levels of training for the Joomla content management system, or CMS, that we use for our website designs. Every website that we build comes with two hours of 1-on-1 personal Joomla training that covers how to add and remove content from the website. Our second level of Joomla training includes creating new forms, configuring components, installing extensions, on-page SEO tips, and more. This additional 2 hour training is offered at a flat rate of $100, which quickly pays for itself over the course of website updates and changes.


Some customers simply won’t have the time to manage their website. For these busy individuals, we offer two service contract options. Contracts can be signed after the training phase to keep North Country Design on-call for your web development needs. Option #1 is 10 hours of service at $30/hr. Option #2 covers 25 hours at $20/hr. Both of these options are pre-paid contracts and we simply deduct time from your hours purchased when something is in need of service. We bill our services in half hour increments and a PDF report is available on-demand for customers to review at any time.

Yeah, we know. That’s an awesome value.

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