Web Design Companies

Selecting the best web site design company for your small business is crucial to the success of your online presence. If you’re a small business in the U.S. why not hire a small web design company based in the U.S.? What kind of company would understand your needs better? A web design company that specializes in small business websites (like North Country Design) is a great asset to small businesses because a small design company knows what it’s like to advertise and market a small business. This leads to design and marketing ideas that are well-suited for you.

The Issue With Large Design Firms

Large companies often have years of experience and thousands of positive reviews, but does that mean they are the best option for your small business? Big companies often look at big numbers in their expense columns and this relates to higher prices for their services. Lets be honest - higher rates don’t necessarily mean higher-quality service though. Large companies can afford to lose clients so customer satisfaction isn’t at the forefront of their goals; whereas small business owners strive to maintain customer satisfaction because their very own reputation is at stake.

Small businesses also rely on a fewer number of clients to support the company and if business growth is a goal, positive word-of-mouth is vital in regards to gaining customers. Larger web design companies aren’t familiar with building a client base because when a new employee starts at a large web design company, that employee already has numerous clients to serve and leads to follow.

How can you expect a 9-to-5 employee at a large company to understand how to grow your business? And do you really expect them to care? At North Country Design we value each and every one of our small business customers. You're the reason we are in business and we take that very seriously.

Issues With Overseas Companies

In our economy, small business owners are often faced with financial decisions that leave them with a reduced budget for advertising and marketing. This can sometimes lead to hiring an overseas company to handle the website design.

The #1 issue with overseas website designers is communication barriers. Communication is a major issue when trying to outsource work outside of the U.S. You will undoubtedly run into time zone differences that will put your and whoever you’ve hired on completely different work schedules. The truth is, language barriers that affect the quality of the final product.

A large percentage of small business owners who hire foreign website design companies have to have their website greatly modified or completely redesigned. This wipes away any of the money that could have potentially been saved by hiring a foreign company. Quite frankly, The extra time, money, and stress isn’t worth the trouble.

Multi-national website designers don't understand U.S. small business. Every nation shops, sells, markets, and does business differently. Practices that are common in one country can be taboo in another. This is why it’s best to go with a web design company in your own country. Plus you will be keeping U.S. dollars in the country - which is crucial to rebuilding the U.S. economy.

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