SEO Services

What Is Seo?

How do you go about finding a business when you’re in need of a certain service? If you take the same steps that the majority of web take, your first stop would be an internet search engine. Now wouldn’t it be nice if your web site was first on the list when someone searched for something related to your site? Of course. Website owners and internet marketing experts took notice of search engine popularity years ago and created a field of online marketing known as search engine optimization, or SEO for short. If you don’t have an SEO plan in place, you need to get one, but let’s first cover why search engine optimization is so important.

How SEO Benefits Your Small Business

The most important benefit of SEO, and the most vital for the success of your website, is the increase in site traffic that is associated with a high ranking on a search engine’s results page. Increased site traffic leads to an increase in visibility to potential customers and connecting them to your web site's content. product or service.


Small business owners spend millions of dollars on advertisingeach year, but the best form of advertising by far is a high ranking on search engines. Search engines are used frequently and the number of daily search queries continues to rise from year to year. In order to rank websites, search engines scan sites for keywords and their density along with links from outside sources to determine relevancy. In the beginning, webmasters would stuff their content with keywords to trick search engines, but the people working for the search engines countered with more complex algorithms that aren’t so easy to trick. Now it’s harder to manipulate page rankings so website owners consult with SEO services to raise their rankings. A site that ranks well is usually a sign of a good website so hiring an SEO service will help raise the quality of your site, making it more comprehensive and informative for your visitors.

Optimization Is Important To Your Web Site

If optimizing your website for search engines sounds like something you’re interested in, North Country Design has all of the tools and experience necessary to raise your site’s ranking, thus raising your site’s overall awareness. We have content writing services that start at $15 an article and we can perform a complete SEO diagnostic review along with one-on-one consulting for a one-time $100 charge.


Considering the value of a properly optimized website, the unlimited potential for a boost in visitors and the exposure that your small business will get with your online presence - SEO really is the biggest bang for your buck. If you are interested in selling more products or services, earning more advertising revenue, or spreading your message to a greater number of readers, consult with North Country Design today about optimizing your website.

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