Website Design With Joomla CMS

There was once a time, in the not so distant past, when building a website meant hiring a web developer to spend hours loading HTML text to create a fully-functioning site. With this system, website owners would also have to pay for a web developer’s service every time the website needed an update. This would often result in very costly, repeated expenses. Every time you wanted a fresh look for your site, it would have to be built from the ground up.


That was then, this is now. Out of a need for an easier and more time-efficient way to build and alter sites, content management systems (CMS) were designed to help keep costs down and streamline the website design process. Content management systems make it possible for even the most novice web user to edit, publish, modify, and update a website from an easy to operate administration panel. Website maintenance has never been easier - and we can teach you how to handle all of your own website updates!


Not only do content management systems make it easy to control the aspects of a website, they make it affordable to do so. North Country Design uses Joomla, a powerful CMS, as part of every website package. If complete control over your web development and reduced overhead costs sound like something you might be interested in, contact North Country Design for a quote on a custom website build.


We will set up your website with all of the desired modules, plugins and components and turn it over to you. You won’t have to pay another penny for website development, but before we leave you to your site maintenance we take the time to train you on how to run the system. If you have any troubles learning to work Joomla, our professional assistance is a phone call or e-mail away.


A quality CMS does more than give you control over your website though. Content management systems are also search engine optimized.


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SEO content can only make your site climb so high in search engine rankings because the top-ranking sites have designs that are also optimized for internet searches. A CMS is well worth the money for its SEO purposes alone, but a system such as Joomla will also provide you with thousands of components, modules, widgets, and plug-ins that enhance customer experience and create interactive and customized web pages. Weekly minor security updates are also available to protect your website from online maladies. Taking all of these benefits into consideration, it’s easy to see why thousands of websites utilize content management systems.

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